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Bacio Gelato Live Resin Cartridge

(0.5 - 1 gram)

North Coast Extracts cartridges, powered by award-winning Pro Gro flower!

Also known as Gelato #41, Bacio Gelato is a potent hybrid specifically designed for high-tolerance consumers. This Sherbinski cross of Cookies favorites Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies displays strong relaxing tendencies, making it a great choice for evenings or low-key days. Reported effects include euphoria, increased creativity, physical arousal and stress relief. Expect Pure body-melt.

North Coast Extracts Live Resin carts feature Pro Gro flower frozen fresh off the stalk before processing to create the perfect live resin smell, taste, and potency that you've come to expect. Compatible with standard 510 batteries.



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