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OGKB Sour Cured Resin Cartridge

(1 gram)

North Coast Extracts Cured Resin Cartridges - Powered by Pro Gro flower!

Also know as Sour Kush, OGKB Sour is craft hybrid that crosses the acclaimed Sour Diesel strain with the powerful OG Kush, resulting in an indica-dominant bud perfect for consumers who are seeking deep relaxation. Its primary terpene profile draws on the anti-inflammatory and euphoric effects of caryophyllene and the relaxing, analgesic effects of myrcene, presenting a gassy, earthy aroma and palate. Expect Pure body-melt.

North Coast Extracts carts are made from Pro Gro precision-crafted flower, offering superior taste and potency. Compatible with standard 510 batteries.



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