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Rainbow Belts Live Resin Cartridge

(1 gram)

North Coast Extracts Cured Resin Cartridges - Powered by Pro Gro flower!

Rainbow Belts maximizes the desired effects of the popular Zkittlez strain by crossing it with Moonbow — itself a cross of Zkittles and Do-Si-Dos — creating a beautiful cultivar packed with fruity flavor. The double Zkittlez dose increases the uplifting effects of Rainbow Belts, while still retaining enough of the Do-Si-Dos relaxation to result in an even hybrid. Expect Pure refreshment.

North Coast Extracts Live Resin carts feature Pro Gro flower frozen fresh off the stalk before processing to create the perfect live resin smell, taste, and potency that you've come to expect. Compatible with standard 510 batteries.



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